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Pump Station - Remote Pump Station
The Tank Shop Used Fluid Pump Station is an economical and safe Air Operated Remote Pumping Station adapted to the reality of service shops and industrial work environment. Primarily built to transfer lubricating fluids, it can also be used with a wide variety of liquids such as new or used water, anti-freeze and used oil.

This remote pump station comes standard with either a high or low level alarm sensor that has to be installed on a 2" NPT opening. When the level sensor is activated, a siren, a strobe light and a shut-off valve will be activated, automatically stopping the pump from operating. Both high and low level sensors can be installed with this system on a single pump unit and storage tank. This will secure any transfer to the storage container / tank.
The system is available with either a ¾" or 1" air diaphragm pump with a wide range in pumping volume. The pump unit can be mounted either on a wall or a table top.
Many of our customers require the added convenience of remote access, especially for tanks serving busy shops and garages. The Remote Pumping Station provides an easy-to-use, safe and reliable way to accommodate these needs.
Designed as an addition to any storage tank system, the pump station features:
  • Air-operated Pump system with level alarm running on a low 12 V supply,
  • Designed to be used with new or used oil, antifreeze, diesel or other bulk product application. Contact supplier for more information,
  • Remote pump unit can be mounted on a table top or a wall,
  • In-tank level sensor, that when activated will shut-down the pump and automatically start a siren and strobe light or any other accessories connected to the system,
  • Pump Station will start manually by pushing a button on panel. Release button to stop pump from transferring,
  • In addition, operator can use a timer on the unit panel which enables the pump system to operate by it-self for a pre-determined time between 1 to 15 minutes while always being monitored by the level alarms (which automatically shut down if sensor(s) are activated).
  • Includes an air pressure regulator and air pressure gauge ensuring that the maximum operating air pressure is not exceeded.
  • When a tank condition occurs (i.e.: high of low level depending set-up), the pump unit will go into an alarm mode, activating siren(s), strobe light(s) and shutting down the pump via a solenoid valve which cuts the air supply. Siren(s) can be silenced but Strobe light will flash until tank condition has been resolved.
Optional components:
  • Additional level alarm sensor (maximum of two(2) per control panel,
  • Pick-up wand,
  • Male quick-coupling for connecting additional owner-supplied fixtures,
  • Aluminum Wall Mount Funnel receptacle for convenient collection of used oil or other fluids. Complete with grating, sludge trap and cover; Models available: 14" wide by 30" or 48" or 60" long.
  • Additional siren or strobe light,
Video of pump station in action
Video : Pump is transfering liquid into remote storage tank. Then the HIGH LEVEL ALARM inside the tank is activated which automatically stops the pump and starts the siren and strobe light.
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