27 Industrial Blvd, Unit 140
Caraquet (NB) E1W OA2

FLEXFLOW - Used Oil Drain
Flex Flow Used Oil Drain is designed to collect used motor and transmission oils, antifreeze and all other harmfull liquids and transfer them out of the buiding, thus eliminating spillage and any risk of accidents in the work area.

Flex Flow is designed to be bolted on the floor and connected to an evacuation pipe. Evacuation requires use of the same device as that used for the air gun.

Flex Flow can serve as a tool tray, thus reducing the risk of accidentally misplacing equipment or tools on any vehicule. The tool tray has a capacity of 10 lbs or 4kg. In order to facilitate the cleaning of small parts with different solvents, the drain bowl is designed to accept all 1/4" or 5mm parts.
  • Safe and handy stationary floor mounted
  • Twin vehicule bays with ease of operation and minimum floor space use
  • Rapid transfer of used/waste fluids to storage system without spills
  • Eliminates drain pans, rails, drums on wheel, etc
Standard Design Features:
  • Constructed from the highest quality steel and cast iron parts, gauges and relief valves
  • The 12" base of the unit ensures that it does not obstruct work on the shop floor
  • The drip proof collector pan ensures that the boom can be stored vertically right after an oil change, with no fear of oil leakage
  • The holding tank is fitted with a pressure gauge, a fluid level gauge, and an air hase intake, thus facilitationg the transfer of fluids. The system operates at a low air pressure (15 p.s.i) so it does not requires special high pressure equipment.
  • The boom is made of high-grade aluminum tubing with specially designed joints to ensure long life without any leakage. Fluids drain to the holding tank by gravity.
Flex Flow - Used Oil DrainFlex Flow - Used Oil DrainFlex Flow - Used Oil Drain