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Underground Plastic Over Steel
The Efficient Solution for your Fueling Business
Standard Design Features:
  • Superior performance in corrosion protection and secondary containment.
  • Inner tank can be compartmentalized.
  • Total capatibility with petroleum fuels
  • Sand, pea gravel, or crushed stone may be used for backfill*
  • Globally recognized third party approval to UL and ULC
  • Proven performance
  • Exceptional 30 years warranty
  • No cathodic protection needed
The base of this system is a proven single wall** steel tank built to a recognized standard. The outer layer is made from a product known for its resistance to corrosion and durability, High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). The secondary containment is applied over the steel tank and forms a sealed envelope around it. A vacuum is then applied to the interstice space to provide an effective secondary layer. This will procure you the ease of mind that your investment is sound and safely stored, but you will have also saved on installation costs.
The exterior wall of the primary tank being in a space under vacuum will then be protected from corrosion. This space between the steel tank exterior and the inside of the HDPE envelope can be monitored for vacuum and liquid presence. The TIPSA system has more worldwide installations than any other competitors. This is a proof of the performance of the product
The TIPSA tank will deliver !
All sizes are available with the requested number of divisions, sumps, manholes and fittings
Plastic Over SteelPlastic Over Steel